The Art of Connection

Community Building Skills Training

Based on the Work of M. Scott Peck MD, author of The Road Less Traveled and The Different Drum.

Offered by Community Building International (CBI)

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Here’s what you’ll learn in THE ART OF CONNECTION

This workshop is for managers and employees, students, community leaders, and human service professionals seeking to:

  • Be a more compassionate and collaborative manager, coworker, friend, spouse or parent
  • Transform the ability to listen and be fully present
  • Learn about personal obstacles to being fully authentic and effective communicators
  • Increase employee or client engagement, commitment and productivity
  • Get rid of hidden agendas and “pseudo-community”
  • Learn the 7 keys to authentic communication, connection and relationship
  • Let go of judging others and accept and bridge differences with respect
  • Increase Emotional Intelligence
  • Become a more “Trauma Informed” healthcare provider
  • Feel more alive and peaceful while experiencing unusual safety and respect with fellow participants
Small Group Exercises

A mix of experiential dyad & small group exercises. Participants will do targeted homework exercises to increase self-awareness & knowledge of key Community Building skills, behaviors, principles & ways of being.

Questions & Answers

There will be several short lectures with time for questions & answers from multiple facilitators. This new format has been used successfully with public trainings & private cohort groups. Join us in this new way of unpacking skills!


Personalized & Confidential

The workshop is limited to 40 participants, will be conducted in English and will utilize easy to use Zoom technology and breakout rooms. Translation services are available. All participants agree to confidentiality.


You missed out!

WHAT: ONLINE 3-Day Community Building Skills Training (CBST)

WHEN: February 18 -20, 2022
Friday 9:00 A.M. EST to 5:00 P.M. Eastern Standard Time (New York Time)
Saturday 9:00 A.M. EST to 5:00 P.M. CST
Sunday 9:00 A.M. CST to 12:00 P.M. EST


•For United States please contact Edward Groody
•For Europe please contact the representative for your country:
-Czech Republic: Hana Perglerová
-Denmark: Martin Herian, Anna Sejeroe Svensson
-Germany: Simone Kosog
-Latvia & Hungary: Arina Matvejeva
-Poland: Emilia Ślimko
-Slovakia: Karol Herian
-Switzerland: Andreas

TRAINERS FOR THIS TRAINING: Edward Groody, Sr. Trainer and Founder of CBI; Debra Fields Sr. Facilitator; Jim Bartos, Sr. Facilitator.

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Here’s what people are saying about this course:

“Our company employed Edward Groody and his team of consultants to help bring about some significant culture changes in the working environment of the company. At the time, Dalen was experiencing some significant growth that was forcing organizational changes. Through management retreats, team building, and Community Building exercises, Ed worked to bring about some dramatic organizational and cultural change.”

David Caldwell, Owner of Dalen Products, Inc. (A 40year old family-run
manufacturer of consumer gardening products. The company sells nationally
through Wal-Mart, Costco, Ace Hardware, and True Value).

John Pehrson

Project Manager, Dupont

community building workshop john pehrson

Power & Potential

“I have experienced the power and potential of Community Building after participating in a workshop with Edward Groody. His supportive facilitating style was able to shift the group to much deeper levels of relationship and create bonds that have had lasting impact on my life. I have attended many, many trainings. This experience was truly unique. I recommend his work to anyone who is searching for authenticity in their lives and success in their organization or business.”

Jan McNally

Chief Administrative Officer, Methodist Medical Center, Oak Ridge, TN

Jaan McNally

Leadership Teams & Action Plans

“I have worked with Ed Groody for the last four years in a variety of settings, and two very different companies, within a moderately large health system in the southeast. While the challenges within both organizations were multiple and complex (they always are, it seems!), Ed and his associates were instrumental in helping our leadership teams develop action plans and an approach which was tailor-made for our needs. I cannot say enough about the integrity he brings to his work in addition to the “technical” expertise. I believe our results say the rest.” 

Jerry Askew

Alliance for Better Non-Profits

Community Builder Jerry Askew

Personally & Professionally Fulfilling

“I found the Community Building Workshop I attended to be both personally and professionally fulfilling. There was an amazing alchemy in the room that converted reticence into trust and set the stage for lasting relationships. I highly recommend the experience.”

About Edward Groody & Community Building International

Community Building International (CBI) is the global leader in Community Building facilitation, training, consultation and facilitator certification. CBI has experience utilizing Community Building in a range of practical applications including: leadership and team development; strengthening neighborhoods; improving human service and criminal justice outcomes; building genuine collaborations; racial equity, diversity and inclusion training; alleviating burnout and compassion fatigue; increasing emotional and spiritual intelligence; acting as a catalyst for addiction recovery; overcoming loneliness and isolation; and many others. CBI has a culturally diverse facilitator team from a variety of professional backgrounds. CBI is recognized for its commitment to the highest levels of ethics and quality - and consistency with the original methods and principles developed by M. Scott Peck M.D., bestselling author of The Road Less Traveled, and A Different Drum: Community Building and World Peace.  

Edward Groody is the founder of CBI and Edward Groody & Associates, Inc. an organizational consulting firm specializing in helping organizations change in a way that honors and engages people. Edward leads Community Building, mindfulness and contemplative retreats for business, academic and religious organizations. He is one of a handful of individuals that was trained, mentored and worked directly with Dr. Peck. 

Ed Groody & Associates, Inc.

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